• Nelson Mandela was an iconic leader.

Freedom Day in Fish Hoek 2024

Posted on Sat April 6, 2024.

Freedom Day is a holiday when South Africans celebrate the end of apartheid rule and the first non-racial election in South Africa.
In Fish Hoek, we honour our freedom as South Africans, to be at liberty to live safely and in happiness. That’s why Seaside Cottages recognises Freedom Day and we invite all locals to come and experience the best time of the year in Cape Town.

Freedom Day in South Africa is an important date on our calendar to honour the brave people who fought for the nation’s freedom. It’s also Autumn in Fish Hoek and we have so much to tell you!

Did you know that 2024 is the 30th anniversary of South Africa's inaugural democratic elections, a pivotal moment in our history? That was 1994 when President Nelson Mandela came into power as our first Black President! Yes, April 27, 1994, marked the dawn of a new era with South Africa's first post-apartheid national elections, where all citizens, regardless of race, exercised their right to vote.

Freedom Day serves as a poignant reminder of our duty to protect our rights as human beings and as free South Africans – and we all need to rise and fight corruption and injustice. It’s time to confront uncomfortable truths and ask ourselves whether we are truly free when poverty and inequality persist. We are the people and we want jobs, services and social justice for all.

Seaside Cottages is the right place to stay during the Freedom Day Public Holiday. Join us to visit Fish Hoek Beach for long walks, swim in the False Bay ocean and watch fishermen pulling in their lines. Just a short walk away, over the railway line, is a choice of funky restaurants serving fresh seafood, rich Italian pasta and pizzas, spicy curries and traditional South African meals.

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